How do I change the date or time of throws?

Your sensor assigns individual timestamps to each throw as they are recorded. However, if your sensor has died and been recharged multiple times without connecting to the app, the timestamps for throws recorded during this time may be incorrect.

There are two ways to change the dates for your throwing data. The first way is through the PULSEthrow app home dashboard. If you scroll to the bottom of the page to that day’s throwing data graph, you will then want to click/highlight the throws you want to change on the graph. Once highlighted click on Change Date, and a calendar will appear to change to the desired date. 

Secondly, with a DASH subscription (See: Subscribing to DASH), you can change the date and time of individual throws. Login to your account and navigate to the Interday tab of the Long Term Trends page.

For changing time in PULSE Dash, you can only do it one throw at a time. So you can NOT highlight multiple throws, but must click on one throw at a time and will be prompted at the bottom of the screen to change the time of the throw. 

Select a range of throws and click Change Date. Select a new date and click the green checkmark to save your selection. If you need to update the time of the throw, you can do so by selecting one throw at a time and clicking Change Time.

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