Managing large or multiple rosters

As your roster of athletes grows, it can become difficult to manage. PULSEthrow can help you organize your roster into subteams for quicker data access, shorter Roster Transfer times, and faster DASH loading times. You can also use subteams to archive past athletes with data that you don't want to lose or delegate multiple affiliate locations with a single login to view all data. Whatever the reason, the process for implementing subteams is simple.

From the Main Menu, navigate to the Manage Subteams screen. Tap the Add Subteam button in the top right, and create a name for your new Subteam. Using the handles on the right, move athletes into the proper subteam. You also now have the capability to delete subteams, which will then prompt any athlete under that subteam to go back to being unassigned to a sub team. 

Back on the Roster, tap your team name, then select a subteam to filter your roster. This subset of athletes will now be used for Roster Transfers and the Manage Sensors screen. Your subteam selection will be remembered across app launches, so you can use one login for multiple affiliates each with the proper subteam selected. It then becomes easy to move athletes from one affiliate to the next as they move through your organization.

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