How Should I Use the Free 8 Week Program?

Our Free 8 Week Ballistic Training Program is a get-started guide for training with weighted balls. 

While it can be tailored to fit into practice plans and as a basic guide to maintaining arm fitness during the season, the primary purpose of the 8-week program is to create a structured on-ramp to more advanced training. 

A structured on-ramp serves two purposes: 

  1. It helps combat a known occurrence: athletes buying weighted balls and playing around. 
  2. It prepares the arm and body for more intense training by gradually ramping intensity. 

Before starting the program or purchasing any equipment, we highly recommend that you read the eBook first. It's a short read has a ton of valuable information for anyone looking to get started. 

If you don't want to read it, that's okay too. There are tons of other velocity programs out there for you that require less commitment and make guarantees of 10 mph or your money back. 

Here is a breakdown of the program: 

Weeks 1-2:

These two weeks are designed to on-ramp the athlete for more intense training and also learn the drills, structured warm-up, and recovery. It can also be used as an in-season maintenance program. 

*In-season training: the goal is not to gain velocity in-season. If any velocity is gained in-season, it will be a by-product of better recovery and arm fitness developed through adherence to the program. 

Weeks 3-8: 

These are your 'training weeks' if you are in the off-season. Keep in mind that this is merely an introductory program and should only be done if you have the intention of moving on to more advanced programming in the future. 

Also, this is by no means a complete training regimen. It is vitally important that you are maximizing other components of your training in conjunction with this program (see page 27 of the eBook). 

If you are using this program in order to prepare for your season and need to throw bullpens, see page 10 of the eBook  for how to integrate bullpens. 

If you have any questions that aren't in the eBook or are unclear, email 

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