TRAQ / DASH (PULSE) - PULSE Platforms Tab: Table and Visuals

Another new feature that has been brought into TRAQ, is the ability to see a table view of an athlete's throw data and also seeing data graph's that are similar to the one's that originate from DASH. 

If you navigate to an athlete's profile in TRAQ and go to the "platforms" tab, as long as the account is associated with PULSE, there will be data and visuals under the "PULSE" tab. Once under the PULSE tab, you can either look at the table view and change the date of the throw data that is currently showing. You also are able to click on the tables page and interactive graphs will show up showing historical 1 day workload, future suggested 1 day workloads, Current and Future A:C Ratio, and Current and Future Chronic Workload. The graphs are also interactive, and highlighting over certain parts of the graph will show different information about the numbers, what they are, and what they mean. 

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