Training On-Site at Driveline Baseball Arizona

The day has finally come! Our Phoenix, AZ location will officially be opening September 7th. We will be scheduling assessments and in-gym trainees so lock yourself into a spot before slots are filled up.

A typical day at Driveline Arizona will be very similar to a day in Kent, WA. Days will usually consist of roughly 3-4 hours of training regardless of whether you are a pitcher or hitter. All athlete programming, media, and data will be stored in TRAQ, which is an invaluable ally for our operations. The gym operates on a schedule-based system called "Virtuagym", where athletes can pick and choose the time slots that work best for their specific schedules and training programs. Within Virtuagym, athletes will be able to access and sign up for a throwing (late morning / early afternoon), hitting (usually from 12pm until close), lifting (all day), or physical therapy slot (roughly noon-5pm) depending on programming. Slots are typically 1 hour and the number of athletes within one slot will be capped by a pre-designated total based on space and training floor availability. There will always be enough slots to accommodate each individual athlete and their programming needs (for example, an athlete who has pulldowns on Tuesdays will be paired with other athletes who have pulldowns to encourage motivation and competition.) Assessment athletes will have designated appointments arranged by our training floor staff for the first 3 days they’re at the facility. Once trainees have their meeting with our staff, Virtuagym will be explained to them in detail so that each athlete is comfortable in scheduling the correct slots for their specific program.

Aside from taking Sundays to recover (the gym will be either low volume and/or closed to trainees on Sundays) athletes training at Driveline are expected to train roughly every day here at the facility. Outside of the time spent at the facility, athletes are on their own to do as they please. Most end up getting jobs that work around their training schedule once they get into a routine, and we encourage that every athlete gets adequate rest and recovery in to supplement their training.

The Arizona in-gym training experience will be similar to the Kent, WA facility, minus a full time physical therapist in-house. Our state-of-the-art motion capture lab with force plates will be permanently housed in Kent; however, our mobile lab will periodically come to Arizona for assessments and retests, for those training exclusively in Arizona. Contact us for more information on those dates the lab will be available in Arizona.

Similar to training in Kent, WA you will need to go through a Hitting or Pitching assessment process to train in-gym. This process will provide you and our trainers with a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. Allowing our expert training staff to provide you with the best possible programming to maximize your development as a hitter or pitcher.

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