What is the Remote Hitting Program?

Designed for highly motivated high school and college players, our Remote Hitting Porgram features our Axe Bat Speed Trainers, brand new athlete tracking software, and remote access to our Hitting team here at the facility in to customize programming, provide video analysis, and track results along the way. If you have an Axe Bat Set already, you can sign up for a subscription at $49/month. For athletes who do not have an Axe Bat Speed System, you can purchase them with your new subscription and save $50 off of the entire set. 

Axe Bat’s patented Axe Handle is the only handle designed to support the mechanics of the swing. It follows the natural contours of your wrist and palm, giving you a more stable grip and allowing you to maintain precise control of your barrel, even while swinging at maximum effort. This is key to the system as overload-underload training is only effective when proper swing fundamentals can be maintained throughout.

All three Axe Speed Bats included in the system feature BlastWall barrels, engineered for strength and durability with one-sided hitting, meaning all can be used with tee work or toss drills without compromising barrel integrity. Other underload bats on the market are known to dent or break easily when used by high-level players.

Our program serves as the perfect complement. Developed using the latest concepts in overload-underload training, it is backed by research conducted in our fully configured biomechanics lab. No matter your skill level or season, you’ll get easy-to-follow drills, complete with illustrations, instructions, and a clearly defined training schedule for using each of the three weighted Axe Speed Bats to help you understand exactly what to do for maximum results.

This is the elite training program you need to hit the ball harder and farther next season. Unlock your fastest, most efficient swing with the Axe Handle, and train using methods drawn from the same rigor, discipline, and research that has characterized our highly successful pitching velocity program for years.

Get better bats, a better program, and better results today.

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