How Long Should I Stay at Driveline?

Sometimes an athlete will call in asking if we have a camp they can attend, in order to get some tips or tricks for improving their game. 

We get it. Lots of places have short-term instructional sessions.

We will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals. 
What we won't do is take a bunch of money, have you out here for a few days, and then send you home wondering why you're not making it over the hump. 

Training at Driveline begins with a week-long Biometrics Assessment. 
The Pitching Assessment or Hitting Assessment is a 5-6 day session of data-gathering and instruction, ending with a meeting where the training team will lay out their findings, and go over the training plans they have for you going forward. 

From there, you can continue training with us in the gym or online through our remote training program.

For the best results:
We recommend training for an extended period of time. 

We've found testing, training, and retesting is the best way for serious athletes to make the adjustments they need to get the most out of their time. 

The best bang for your buck is with our Annual Plan. This includes your initial assessment, retests every 6 weeks while you're in-gym, and a full twelve months of training with Driveline's world class trainers either in gym or online in whatever combination works best for you. 

A 12-month commitment to Driveline training may mean coming out for an assessment and in-gym training during the offseason, then taking Online Training to school with you to keep attacking your goals, and coming back out over winter break for another assessment and in-person work.  

Or maybe you're local to one of our facilities, and you want to train with us in gym 6 days a week all year long.
With the Annual Plan, you have that option at no extra cost.

If the long-term commitment isn't ideal for you at this time, you can get started with an Assessment and monthly in-gym or online training as well, a la carte. 

Reach out to Support at 425-523-4030 or to hear more. 

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