Edgertronic FAQ

Welcome to the Edgertronic FAQ page, where you can find answers to commonly asked questions about the cameras and our personally designed kits. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email support@drivelinebaseball.com or visit the Edgertronic Wiki.

Can I record Edgertronic footage during night-time games?

Adjusting the aperture using the lens that is included within our Edgertronic kit will make it possible to record footage during the night-time; however, it is recommended that files be brightened up as much as possible using a video editing software before viewing them for analysis. Even then, footage might be a little dark as the Nikon lens provided within the kit is primarily designed for daytime and indoor usage.

Which lens do you recommend if I’m looking to record Edgertronic footage during the night-time?

For night-time footage, we recommend picking up the the AF-S NIKKOR 300mm F2.8G ED VR II.

I see the Edgertronic Kit listed on your website comes with a router. Do I need an internet connection to record footage?

The short answer to this question is no. The router included within the kit is provided so that when you are at a location that does have internet access, you will not need to connect your laptop or tablet directly to the Edgertronic via an ethernet cord. More information will be available in our Edgertronic manual that is included within our kit.

After I record the footage, what happens next? How big are these files and do I need an external hard drive?

After recording footage onto the SD card inserted into the Edgertronic, you will need to transfer those videos onto a hard drive. Given the size of the individual files (which depend on the parameters you are using to record such as resolution, FPS, etc.) we recommend having an external hard drive to store and organize all footage. Once transferred, you will then be able to create overlays, brighten up footage, or string pitches together using video editing software.

Do I need a laptop to record footage or can I use a tablet as well?

You will be able to use any electronic device that can sync to the Edgertronic live feed. This includes Mac, Windows, tablets, etc.

Do you have any recommendations for video editing software?

We primarily use Final Cut Pro here at the facility but also recommend Adobe Premier Pro CC for more intricate editing.

Can you buy Edgertronic cameras from Driveline individually without the supplemental supplies?

You can purchase cameras from us individually at retail price, which can be arranged by contacting support at the email listed above. 

What type of Lighting do you recommend to create a brighter image with the Edgertronic? 

You will want to find lights that have as little flicker as possible. Lights that can work include Tungsten or Halogen lights.

Why do I need an Edgertronic Camera? Why is the High Speed Camera better than any camera that shoots at 120 fps?

Generally, we've found that anything between 750-1000 fps is adequate enough to clearly see high speed body movements in their entirety. A lot of data is lost when filming at lower fps. 

Is the Edgertronic waterproof? How does it hold up in extreme weather conditions? 

The camera is definitely not waterproof and should be well cared for in the heat. The camera has a high internal temperature when operating and it is recommended to be placed under an umbrella in extreme heat or rain. 

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