What comes next after I leave the facility?

At Driveline, we view the training process as one continuous, integrated progression rather than multiple discrete stages of development. Velocity gains are not linear, and movement patterns do not adapt and organize in just 5 weeks for most athletes. So, in the same way that you would lose a tan picked up on a tropical vacation in the Winter once you return home, performance gains can be lost in a similar manner if not properly maintained moving forward. To prevent this from happening, we created our own proprietary software that allows athletes to train with us remotely, regardless of where they are playing or what their athletic commitments look like.

The product, Online Training, allows us to continue programming trainees once they leave the facility through software. While still communicating with you directly as to how your training or season is progressing, you’ll be able to upload video for analysis and track performance outcomes in the same way that you were able to in our gym. By being compliant and responding to our check-ins, we’ll be able to make adjustments to your programming remotely and provide analysis to assure that drills are done correctly. Given that we are still able to monitor your training progress on Online Training remotely, we offer free return assessments for any athlete looking to come back within 4 months of leaving the facility (would be one monthly charge instead) and 50% off an assessment for any athlete looking to come back within one calendar year (must be at least 85% compliant with check-ins.) Online Training is $199/month and is month-to-month so you can cancel at any time.

If you have any questions regarding remote training after leaving the facility, feel free to call or email into support at 425-523-4030 / support@drivelinebaseball.com and we’ll be happy to explain the process in further detail

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