Why should I train at Driveline?

We hope that if you are reading this, you are already aware of who we are and what types of training modalities we utilize with our athletes to obtain results. While more and more facilities are beginning to incorporate and adopt similar training tools and methods within their own program, we continue to take a more data driven and individualistic approach to training to stay on the cutting edge of development. As we feel that each trainee presents us with a new puzzle to solve based on the constraints of their own individual performance attributes, we invest in better technology and R&D to help provide us with more objective information to develop and design programming for our athletes. As a result, on-site trainees will have access to our on-site biomechanics lab and utilize our Rapsodo, Motus Sleeves, Optitrack Motion Capture Cameras, Tendo, Keiser, Blast Motion Sensors, K-Vest, and HitTrax while in gym. Beyond giving athletes access to a wide array of in-house recovery, manual therapy treatments, and supplements (NSF certified), athletes will also be given a profile within our proprietary software, developed in-house to track performance results, view daily drills, watch uploaded videos, and read relevant trainer notes at any time.

We believe that we continue to be at the forefront of player development by asking difficult questions and finding the answers to baseball-specific skill acquisition and motor development that no other facility can obtain. We are the only full-time baseball training facility to publish peer reviewed research in-house, the first to develop a markerless and markered motion capture lab, and the first to develop our own tracking software to optimize and further specify our programs.

We continue to invest in our research because we care about the athletes, coaches, and facilities that use our programming. Simply put, we are on a pursuit to obtain the best outcomes for athletes who have dreams of playing at the highest level of baseball they possibly can. We hope that the results we achieve with our trainees on-site speaks volumes to that fact.

If you have any questions regarding our program, please let support know at 425-523-4030 or at email at support@drivelinebaseball.com. For more generic questions, please visit the rest of our on-site FAQ to obtain more information regarding Driveline. 

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