What is included with my training at the facility?

When arriving at Driveline to train at our facility, every athlete will be given access to the wide variety of recovery, and manual therapy modalities. Along with a full assessment that will evaluate you both quantitatively and qualitatively from a skill, strength, and mobility perspective, athletes will receive time in our R&D lab using our Rapsodo, Motus Sleeves, Optitrack Motion Capture Cameras, Tendo, Keiser, Blast Motion Sensors, K-Vest, and HitTrax. Training is typically 6 days per week (roughly 2.5 hours per day) with 2-4 days of lifting and 1 day of recovery per week. Athletes have daily access to our in-house physical therapist and will be retested roughly every 4 weeks on-site to ensure that we are monitoring intrinsic changes and making necessary adjustments to their programming over time. Once at the facility, athletes will also be given a profile within our proprietary software to track performance results, view their daily drills, watch uploaded videos, and read relevant trainer notes at any time. On an athlete’s last day, they’ll be given an exit interview where we’ll go over their mechanical, mobility, and strength attributes and explain the specific details of their program moving forward. At that time, athletes will have the option to go into our Online Training program to train remotely for $199/month.

And, while you will not need supplies while training at the facility (other than a glove, athletic clothes, and turfs,) you will need to purchase supplies if you are wishing to continue with us remotely and do not have access to the necessary materials at home. Athletes purchasing equipment with us on-site receive a significant discount relative to our normal prices. Athletes on the Annual Plan may use their $500 stiped to purchase any gear they need. 

We hope this clarifies some of the features that are included while training here- Please let us know at support@drivelinebaseball.com if you have any additional questions that we can help answer for you. If you’d like to proceed in potentially coming out to Kent, WA to train, please fill out the contact form provided in the link below to get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon!     



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