How do athletes typically get to and from the facility?

While some athletes that are more local to the area have the luxury of driving up to Seattle, most of the athletes training on-site with us fly here and do not have daily access to a car. If an athlete who flies to Seattle decides to stay in one of our recommended housing options, they will most likely have the fortune of being able to grab rides to and from the facility through a fellow roommate (no guarantees.) If there are no housemates that have access to a vehicle, athletes usually pool together to grab an Uber and split costs together. Alternative options that we’ve seen athletes do in the past include renting a car, buying + reselling a cheap car, or taking the shuttle provided by Alex Casillas. Depending on the duration of an athlete’s stay and the proximity of where they are living relative to the facility, each option has its advantages. Please let know if you have any questions.  

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