Assigning Workouts and Templates (Beginner)

Assigning Workouts and Templates (Beginner)

Why is this useful?
Assigning workouts and templates to your athletes allows them to complete the workouts and gives them a schedule.

There are two ways to assign workouts or templates to athletes: individually or mass programming.

Assigning Individual Programming
From an athlete's page, you can assign any workout or template that has been created. Once you find the workout you want to assign, click and drag it to the day on the calendar you would like to assign it to. Click and drag a template to the day you want the programming to start for the athlete and the rest of the workouts will automatically populate on the athlete's calendar.

Assigning Mass Programming
From the Manage Athletes tab, you can assign programming to any number of athletes at one time.
The first thing you will want to do when performing any mass actions on athletes from this page is filter your list of athletes, to either the exact list you're looking for or a more manageable amount, using the filters at the top of the screen.
Once you have your athletes filtered, you will select which athletes to perform the actions on by checking the box to the left of their name or the select all box at the top.
Once you have your desired athletes selected, you will select your action from the Choose an Action drop down box.
Select the Mass Programming option and the athlete calendar screen will pop up. You will follow the same process outlined above to assign workouts and templates to all selected athletes.
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