Driveline Private lessons

Does Driveline do any private lessons?

Driveline does not offer the traditional private 1 on 1 lessons that you might typically find at a local training facility for three main reasons.

Firstly - it limits the number of eyes, opinions, and modes of feedback that athletes are exposed to daily.
Secondly - private lessons often put athletes under a microscope where they are either getting overloaded with feedback by one specific coach who feels the need to provide it, or they become overly reliant on it.
And lastly - private lessons void the trainee of any sort of peer feedback or competition while training.

When you combine all three of those factors, we find that 1 on 1 lessons often create robots that try to conform to a set of cookie cutter mechanics that are most likely not possible for an athlete to achieve given the limitations of their movement qualities.

Instead, we structure our training slots to be semi-private, where multiple throwing, hitting, and high performance trainers are on the floor with groups of athletes. With this method of training, athletes will be able to get constant interaction with our training staff, but in a more impactful manner. Semi-private training also allows our training floor staff to collaborate and analyze athletes from a much more comprehensive perspective. Beyond that, by giving athletes the freedom to discover movement solutions organically within the constraints imposed on them by our drills and training implements, our trainees can discover the motor pattern that fits their needs best.

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