How Many Sets of Balls Should I Order?

How Many Sets of Balls Should I Order?

The key factor to think about when ordering sets of equipment for teams and facilities is:

How Many Athletes Are Training At One Time?

You can save on equipment costs by having fewer athletes training at once. Internally, we use a simple rule of thumb for figuring out how many sets of equipment a coach might need to equip his team:

PlyoCare Needed = Athletes Training/2

Weighted Balls Needed = If PlyoCare Needed < 4, WB = Plyo; If PlyoCare Needed > 4, WB = Plyo - 2

Ok, so that's math. Let's take the math out of it. 

Pitchers PlyoCare Needed WB Needed
2 1 1
4 2 2
8 4 4
12 6 4
20 10 8

There are other issues to consider when structuring a practice (namely how much space and how much time). But this should give you a good idea for a rule of thumb. 

Driveline Kits

Team Set: Perfect for a staff of 10-14. It comes with equipment only. 

Hacking the Kinetic Chain Starter Kit (Ages 14+): Perfect for a coach starting out the program with 2 pitchers as a test. 

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