Driveline Training Age

How old do I need to be to train at the facility?

While it will vary on a case-by-case basis depending on the athlete's movement quality, history in the weight room, and overall physical and mental maturity, we begin accepting athletes for in-gym training at roughly 14 years old. 

This is based on what we feel the individual needs are for a younger athlete are versus what we provide for the typical in-gym trainee here at the facility.

For athletes aged from 8 years old to 13 years old, options for Driveline training include our year-round program for local youth athletes, Driveline Academy, as well as our remote program, Driveline Academy Online

We feel our youth-directed programs are more in-line with what a younger athlete’s training demands truly are.

If you are a younger HS athlete looking to train with us as a regular trainee, it is important to take note of a few things:
  • You will be treated no differently than a college or professional athlete, so the expectation is that you will be able to handle yourself as such.
  • The gym’s culture is primarily shaped by college and professional athletes, so you will be exposed to that type of environment upon arrival.
  • You will be mixed in with higher level athletes (we do not differentiate slots on skill level), so it will be a great opportunity to learn from their routines, habits, and work ethic; take advantage!

If you have any additional questions regarding on-site training for younger athletes, please do not hesitate to contact Support at 425-523-4030 or via email at

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