TRAQ Media Tab

Media Tab (Beginner)

Why is this useful?
Storing media in the athlete profile allows them to always have access to any files at their fingertips. This is much more useful than trainers and athletes texting videos and other media back and forth. The Media Tab is very useful for remote training, allows athletes and trainers to seamlessly share videos. Athletes can video themselves doing a drill and upload it so the trainer can then view it or even download it, mark it up, and reupload it to give instruction.

The Media Tab is a tab that each individual athlete has to store a number of different file types. Both athletes and trainers can upload and download to this tab. There is no limit to how much media can be stored on an athlete's profile. There is an individual file size upload limit so very large video files may not upload.

Click on the Media tab on the athlete's profile.

You will see the first folder open and any media that is stored in that folder. Click on any of the tabs to see media stored in other folders.

From the Media tab, both athletes and trainers can Watch, Download, or Delete any media stored in the tab using the Watch/View, Download, and Delete Buttons.

Uploading Media
Both athletes and trainers can upload up to 10 files at a tab to a Media tab folder by clicking on the Upload button.
The accepted file types are: .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .pdf, .txt, .csv, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif
When you click Upload at the bottom, a new window will automatically open up. This new window allows you to use TRAQ while your media uploads in the background as if you are uploading 10 larger files it could take a few minutes.

Creating Media Folders
You can create up to 6 main folders, each of which can have 6 sub-folders for a total of 36 folders to organize your athlete's media. Click on the gear wheel next to the Upload button to set your folders.
Note: Folders are set at the facility level. If you change one athlete's media folders, you will change all athlete's media folders at that facility.
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