PULSE Dash Tiers

PULSE Dash Tiers

On July 10th, 2023, we will be implementing updates to the free PULSE Dash team account.

All coach and individual PULSE Dash accounts will still be able to use the PULSE iOS app to see all individual athlete data. For the desktop version of PULSE Dash (the site that team accounts utilize for team management), we will be limiting the features available on the free account. There will not be any feature removal for our current paid PULSE Dash tiers. The available PULSE Dash tiers, along with the included features, can be seen below.

To get in contact with a Driveline representative to discuss options, please fill out our Software Interest Form here.

Team Options

PULSE Dash Free

  • 5 Athlete Profiles Accessible via PULSE Dash Webpage
  • Individual Throw Data
  • Live Throw Feedback
  • Daily Workload Summary Metrics
  • Projected Readiness Based on Throwing Schedule and Workload for the Last 4 Weeks

PULSE Dash Pro

  • All the Dash Free Features
  • Long Term Trend Analysis
  • Team and Individual Workload Reports
  • Team and Individual Gameday Reports
  • Trackman/Rapsodo Import
  • Fatigue Units

PULSE Dash Pro + CSV

  • All of the Dash Pro Features
  • CSV Export for Event and Workload Data

*The options referenced on this page are available for schools, facilities, amateur organizations, travel programs, and remote coaching. All professional organizations (such as MLB teams) are subject to differences in available feature-set and subscription rates.  
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