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      Velocity Guidelines Template (includes velocity and arm speed recommendations for various throwing sessions) PULSE metric explainer (details key PULSE metrics and they can be best utilized)
    • PULSE Throw 8.8 Wiki

      The following page is a PDF wiki for the PULSE Throw app version 8.8.1 The wiki includes detailed descriptions for all buttons, views, and features in this version of the PULSE Throw app. PULSE Throw 8.8 Wiki
    • Can I export my PULSE QB data?

      Yes! Data exports are available as part of a PULSE DASH subscription (See: Subscribing to motusDASH). You will receive a csv file of every throw for the selected athletes in the selected date range. Included in each csv is: Athlete name Event ...
    • TRAQ / DASH (PULSE) - How to Associate your PULSE Account in TRAQ?

      Now in our TRAQ Software, we are putting all data/information in place. We have are implementing the historical DASH features into TRAQ.  First, to get access to PULSE data in TRAQ, you will want to associate the athlete's profile. Navigate to an ...
    • PULSE Dash Tiers

      On July 10th, 2023, we will be implementing updates to the free PULSE Dash team account. All coach and individual PULSE Dash accounts will still be able to use the PULSE iOS app to see all individual athlete data. For the desktop version of PULSE ...