Using the Workout TRAQer (Advanced)

Using the Workout TRAQer (Advanced)

Why is this useful?
The Workout TRAQer enables trainers to view all active athlete workouts in one place. Trainers can add specific types of notes that are viewable by all other trainers without navigating to the athlete profile. Notes can be shown or hidden from athletes and can include media, whether it is a picture or video. A full history of athlete notes is available from this screen as well.

Using the Workout TRAQer
When an athlete clicks the green Start button on their assigned workout, they will automatically appear in the Workout TRAQer. Access the Workout TRAQer via the Trainer Tools on the left side menu. You can use the filters at the top of the screen to display certain athletes or search for specific athletes. You can click on the Athletes name to go to their profile. You can click on the Workout name to see the exercises in their assigned workout. Adding and Editing a Note You can add or edit notes from this screen by selecting the athlete, the type of note, and clicking edit or create new. You can choose to show or hide the note from the athlete and you can add a picture or video as well. Viewing Note History You can view a history of notes for this athlete from the notes section by clicking on History. If there is an icon next to history, that indicates there is a note. Trainers and athletes can also view a full history of notes in the Training Notes section on their profile page.
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